High Definition, True Vision

PANELPix means high definition and quality photo prints that deliver high dynamic range and best contrasts with brilliant colors of art photo.

Unique Photo Transfer Process

PANELPix uses unique photo transfer process, dyes has infused deeply into specially-coated aluminium panel and results in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional details.

Excellent Properties

PANELPix not only offering scratch and abrasion resistance, but also provides superior properties than any other photo medium, such as  resistance for fire, UV, water, chemical and stain. More information

Elegant Style

Each PANELPix is stylish frameless, durable, high definition, light-weight with excellent flatness.

Perfect Size

PANELPix is available in a range of traditional photo sizes as well as for large scale commercial or non-traditional usage, such as in office, display board, architecture or gallery setting. More information

PANELPix High Definition Metal Certificate

The FUTURE belongs to those who BELIEVE in the beauty of their DREAMS.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Display Your Recognition

Design Your Gallery

Display Your PANELPix Beautifully

plastic stand 200x200


For PANELPix up to 8″x12″ in dimensions, the easel mount stands your PANELPix on any desk or table.

Wall Mounted Photo - backside

Shadow Mounting Block

Made of CARB friendly wood, provision of a keyhole for hanging the PANELPix. Suitable for use from 4″x6″ up to 16ʺx20ʺ in dimension.

Damage free Strip

Damage-free Strip

Damage-free hanging strips make PANELPix quick and easy installation on your wall without nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. It is suitable for any dimensions of PANELPix.

Wall Mounted Photo - Duo hole mounting for big square panel

Shadow Mount Duo

Made of CARB friendly wood, this block includes two keyholes for hanging the PANELPix for sizes larger than 16ʺx20ʺ in dimension.